⧼⟐⧽ ᎡᎯᏉᏋᏁᏕ ᏋᎽᏋ ⧼⟐⧽

The first photo is a little sneak peak of an outtake from the Three Arrows Leather lookbook.  Also included are photos of a custom bag that I just completed...

⧼⟐⧽Raven's Eye⧼⟐⧽ 
(black deer-tanned cowhide, hand-cut fringe, Crystal Quartz Pyramids inset, Ethiopian silver trade beads, double round braided strap. Finished with a Raven feather.)

While I am still trying to finish the website and penabranca is working on some amazing psychedelic images for our first lookbook, I have decided to share these images.  I have also decided to take custom bag orders. If anyone is interested in pricing or having me design and make custom bag for you, please contact me at cosmicdust8@gmail.com, or send me a message on the 
Three Arrows Leather facebook page at facebook.com/threearrowsleather.

dont forget to look for me on instagram @threearrowsleather.

*other photos are inspiration found from various sources. the third photo is by http://forsurejadore.blogspot.com/


dirtbike said...

absolutely beautiful.

vanessa fridolf said...

love love love!
This bag is Divine...

Ambreen said...

Your blog is really inspiring! That bag is amazing :)

Alyssa DeHayes said...

Bruno's work is beautifu!l Can't wait to see what he whips up for your look book! Set him up with the Maserati guys to do their new album art, and it turned out so great!

Taylor said...

the third picture is mine! :) thanks for posting it!

cosmic dust ➵ said...

ah! thank you taylor for the source of the image. its wonderful. i just added you as a source.

Taylor said...

why thank you! that wasn't necessary, but that's very kind :)