The Portrait Machine Project. 
These photographs were taken with the Polaroid Aura camera developed in the 1970's by an American scientist in an attempt to see what a psychic might see. The colors correlate to mood, temperament, and how the world may perceive the subject.
 some of the aura readings are described as this...force of will, spiritually motivated, mystical/unifying, peaceful/contemplative, healing/teaching. 
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Carrie said...

Cool!! Love it!

The Aquarians said...

How beautiful! I read about this aura-reading photography in a book about yoga and chakras from the 70's but it was in black and white. So amazing to see them in color!!

Sara said...

Wow - - - these are just beyond!! Soo gorgeous. I met a woman once who claimed she could see auras, but it was in the midst of a big group and she didn't share what she was seeing, if she had been seeing anything at that moment. So interesting!