⪼⫶⨁⫶⪻ Ꮠ ᎯᎷ ᏟᏒᎾᏇ ⪼⫶⨁⫶⪻

"I Am Crow"

"Coyote Rock"

"Walks Alone"

"Dream of the Bear"

"Shadow of the Bear"

"Bird of Prey"

"Blue Fire"


"Circle of Power"

"Distant Storm"

"Listens to Thunder"

"Medicine Dog"

"The Messenger"

"Natane" Daughter of the Ghost Dance

"Owns the Eagle


"Sees Behind"

"Guardian of the Canyon"


"Shadow on the Sun"

"Standing I Fly"

"Two Stars"

"Hawk Bell"

"Last Buffalo"

"Night Whispers"

"Red Path"

"Return of Red Earth"

"Silent Sky"

"Voice of Half Moon"

i have been selfishly hording these images of Kirby Sattler's artwork for years. i am mesmerised by the beauty, detail, and imagination he puts into each piece. they evoke such a strong connection of Earth Medicine for me, that i thought it was time to share.

a little about the artist:
The work of Kirby Sattler is fueled by an inherent interest in the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth. His current images evolve from the history, ceremony, mythology, and spirituality of the Native American. Sattler's ultra-detailed interpretations examine the inseparable relationship between the Indian and his natural world, reflecting a culture that had no hard line between the sacred and the mundane. Each painting functions on the premise that all natural phenomena have souls independent of their physical beings. Under such a belief, the wearing of sacred objects were a source of spiritual power. Any object- a stone, a plait of sweet grass, a part of an animal, the wing of a bird- could contain the essence of the metaphysical qualities identified to the objects and desired by the Native American. This acquisition of "Medicine", or spiritual power, was central to the lives of the Indian. It provided the conduit to the unseen forces of the universe which predominated their lives.

visit his site here. where you can view more works and read more about the artist and his views.


Linda said...

These are so amazing!!! Outstanding images of native Americans...

Thanks for sharing such talent!


BohoMind said...

I really like your blog and have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, you can find it here: http://bohomind.blogspot.se/2012/06/one-lovely-blog-award.html

Its a fun way of sharing some blog love :)

Anonymous said...

Oh these are super cool

boho lovin said...

Ancient culture