i have been stalking this cover since it came out a few days ago, waiting impatiently for the contents. 
to say that i am inspired, doesnt quite sum it up. i-D has released 4 of the 8 different covers for its Summer 2012 issue. This cover obviously, by far, being the one i am kindred to. 
Arizona Muse dons the cover and contents. photographed by Kayt Jones with the California wilderness as their backdrop. 
As an added bonus i-D has made a short film of the same story line featuring 
Arizona as the lead, as well as narrator, with Kayt Jones as the director. 
During the film, Arizona recites excerpts from Bert Hartes "The outcast of Poker Flat" which was first published in 1869. 

(i have included the full editorial, stills from the film, and the film itself. personally i like the film and its stills more than the actual editorial. 
scroll down and enjoy!)

fim stills below

here is the film

i have to say, i am out of my mind with excitement over this editorial and film. this ode to the old western is done well. it is not over-done, as so many editorials are nowadays. it is quiet, understated, and well, just plain beautiful. it has been some time since something has caught my attention or moved me the way this editorial and film has. especially the film.

oh, i also have to include this. part of the editorial. maybe my kindred feeling is because she grew up in 
Santa Fe. 
feeling the New Mexico spirit in her. 


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