wanted to share some photos of 4th of July and a horse rescue we did. we now have horses! they were badly neglected and abused. they now live with us. having spent two days building a fence, and getting them in a trailer. it was an amazing and difficult three days. we now have some very sweet, content, and safe geldings on out hands. it was an emotional process. i am so happy that all they have to do now is be horses. 
still working on new names for them.


Sara said...

Ahh! Amazing - these are such fun photos! So glad those beautiful horses now have a caring home.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful thing you did! saving our four legged brothers & sisters!the good energy from thins act with better the earth! so thank you! love ,peace & contentment to you for ALL of your days!

T. said...

Yeah --! Many thanks for your efforts!

PS. totally intrigued my white goateeed-dudes' tatoos... hmmm.

melly said...

hi there,

you did an amzing deed and deserve all the good feelings resulting from it, like the beautiful freindship and love the horses will for sure give you.
they look like Cayvona and Cagey to me, i just came up with those names somehow. or what about very simple and very true: hope and love?

blessed be, melly

flaming hag folkwear said...

it's all very beautiful.
what i gift to have horses to care for...almost as big a gift as you gave them with the rescue :)

zoe said...

Good for you, and thank you on behalf of all horses and horse lovers everywhere.
That Palomino, however, looks like he's in pretty good shape. He's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done. Keep flying that freak flag high!

Leticia said...

beautiful girl, beautiful soul, my dear! What you did was great! <3 You deserve the best. Plus, these pictures are so beautiful and free spirited! love them! much love, darling!


P.s: got the faux fur coat, it´s great! pictures, soon! thanks, doll <3

Lucia said...

beautiful photos and it's so lovely that you did that for those horses. i am a major horse lover and it's so horrible to think that they're neglected and mistreated, it's always nice to know people are taking it upon themselves to rescue and care for them

Kayla said...

you make me want to live in Texas SO bad. I can't wait to visit Austin for the first time ever in a couple of weeks. :]

<3 Kayla