i have now been in NM for a year and a half. i have finally decided to build a house. when i came out here, that was the plan, but as plans often go, i found myself unsure, several times. 
but i have come full-circle. and the only thing i am sure of anymore, is that i want to stay here.
building a house is a huge commitment and a lot of hard work, but i am feeling really good about the decision. 
it will be humble, but it will be all mine.
let the adventure begin!

incidentally, i found anther rattler in the house. you bet your sweet ass, the house i build will be snake proof!


GypCee said...

i love that you are there. you chose such a sacred place. the desert has called me back for years....since 76 i have longed to go 'home'.......you and i may end up neighbors someday sooner than later my friend. cant wait to see what you build!

Jessica h said...

your blog is fab

Tribal Fox Vintage said...

Love the desert. Everything about its aesthetic- the colors, the heat, the dust, the sun.. so inspiring. How very exciting! :)

xx, TFV

Maya said...

congratulations =)

WOVEN said...

good luck!! all the best to you in this endeavor.