"such a beautiful, untouched lonely feeling place, such a fine part of what i call the 'faraway'. it is a place i have painted before...even now i must do it again" 

- georgia o'keeffe

when most think of georgia o'keeffe's work, her 1920's large format, enlarged blossom paintings are what come to mind. but i feel kindred with her life's later work when she frequently visited, and finally lived in northern new mexico. her color choices and subject matter reflect the quiet and subtleties of the desert. a feeling and calm i am so in love with here.
she makes me want to take up painting again.


Cristina Ione said...

oh, wow this is beautiful...

Kayla said...

when i was in middle school i wrote an essay on her, i love her desert paintings soo much. infact, now im inspired to go buy some prints!

<3 thanks for sharing!!



blogmoodeuse said...

I'm just fascinated by the desert so I'm going to Mauritania desert in two months ... I can't wait for it ;;)) !!