♁ pam love photographed by jordan sullivan via fashion canvas
this series was taken while she was on an inspiration trip out here where i live, outside of taos, new mexico. i believe this was where she was inspired for her arrowhead collection. 
she actually stayed down the road from where i live. i live in a very small town that only has a post office and one store. she stopped into the store where my friend works a few days a week and they actually used to work together. 
small world.


Lucille said...

Love your blog, good inspiration. I'm down in Madrid- very small world. Northern New Mexico has such a spirited outlaw wildness to it, and at the same time, wind and peace. Never been anywhere that was beautiful in quite the same way, it's held on to it's magic.

kaitlyntru said...

if i could be reincarnated into pamela...
new mexico is so pretty by the way. i love sante fe. best jewelry i ever find.