♁ i have been stalking Copa Collection pieces for some time now. storing up photos and coveting these amazing works of art made in Brazil. i posted a few on my very old, and now neglected blogspot. at my old job, there was a black leather one for sale. i was about to buy it when a coworker beat me to it. i cringe at missing out on that masterpiece to this day. 
i am so inspired by this free form artistry, that i am teaching myself how to do metal work to add to Three Arrows Leather. wish me luck!

♁ images found via google search. p.s. oracle fox, i think we are somehow cosmically synced or something. i was going to post these photos this morning!

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Maya said...

wow, they are extraordinary!

I really adore the purple bag, it just looks so perfect with the stones and gold lava.