♁ seriously amazing, and jealousy-worthy, antique indian jewelry collection via: spell & the gypsy


Spell said...

Just got your email about the reposts of the b&w pic! That's mad!! Haha funny how some pics just resonate!!

Your timblr is amazing! I am def going to weblog some on my blog immediately :)

Thanks for the message - so happy to have found your blogs Anf hve some new inspiration to chase!

Lizzy :)

Spell said...

Thank you so much for blogging our pics! So lovely to know someone is appreciating them!

Oh and I got your email about the re-posts!! Wow that's so incredible! I've never really understood how Tumblr works (I found it weird that you cant make comments!).. but now I'm starting to understand it!

Again, thanks for spreading the love!