♁ i am in the process of moving into a new earthship. if you have followed cosmic dust for a while, you know that i helped build a friend of mines home last winter and spring. so for the last year i have been living in a very small earthship down the road. it has been a great place. very cozy. missing a few essentials, like a shower, hot water, and a refrigerator. so i have been taking sun showers, packing a cooler with ice twice a week, cooking on a camping stove, and boiling water. it has been quite an adventure. 
but now, i have the opportunity to stay in my friends house while he is off gallivanting the globe. which means, no more storage unit, a fridge and freezer with an ice maker, hot water out of the tap, a bath tub, plenty of solar power, and lots of room for all my treasures. it is amazing how much you appreciate the little things when they are gone. 
so while i am moving all of my stuff in and decorating, i thought i would post a few photos of my last place and reminisce about the good times, me and that little house shared. it took very good care of me. and there is a huge part of me that will miss it. 
so heres to you little house. thank you.

i promise to post photos of the new house soon



Congrats mama! I understand stuffing your treasures into a small place. I am battling that as well. But man, it has to be worth it with that view, those desert skies, and the freedom. Can't wait to see the new place!!

cosmic dust ➵ ➵ ➵ said...

thank you! yes, having to pare down is no easy task when you are a collector of stuff!

Oracle Fox said...

Now I am really confused? I've just followed the link from cosmic dust to here and it looks as though this is the same person? I must be a funny confused little squirrel because I though Cosmic lady is the red headed damsel? So is this right and this is your blog as well Cosmic? And if not can you help me work it out, ehheh. The only reason I ask is that I am a massive cosmic dust fan and now I thin I'm an Earth Age fan too! love you both? hehe xxxx oraclefox

josephine said...

what an amazing place! love the macrame