middle of nowhere

♁ my lovely friend annie is a stylist in LA. while she was out here in new mexico visiting on one of her many extended trips, we decided to update her look book. with the help of our friend mitch, we shot around my house. annie rummaged through my crazy closet pulling together outfits, as she did my hair and make up. it was nice to see my clothes being put to good use, since sadly, i dont get much of a chance to wear any of it out here. 

styling: annie rocchio
photography: annie rocchio and mitch murphy (see his blog here...inside)
make up and hair: annie rocchio
location: my home. middle of nowhere, new mexico
wardrobe: my own. featuring selected pieces from ᎢᏂᏒᏋᏋ ᎪᏒᏒᎾᏊᎦ ᏝᏋᎯᎢᏂᏋᎡ
annierocchio.com. see her blog here...white driftwood