diggin' on the past

on a recent trip to santa fe, i was lucky enough to hit the jackpot in vintage LPs. i love the covers of old albums. they just dont make em like they used to. here are a few i found, and all in great shape. the America, and Willie Nelson - Stardust maybe be my favorites...epic covers. epic albums.

 ♁ america 

♁ the charlie daniels band - nightrider

♁ nitty gritty dirt band - symphonion dream

♁ eagles - hotel california

♁ jackson browne - for everyman

♁ john denver - aerie

♁ john denver - farewell andromeda

♁ michael murphey - flowing free forever

 ♁ willie nelson - stardust

♁ willie nelson - red headed stranger

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Rococo said...

beautiful..thankyou..love your stuff!!