left the quiet desolation of home, to visit family and friends for the holidays in  LA. sweet land of sunshine and civilization. :) we drove 17 hours in a truck with 2 adult humans, 4 cats and 2 dogs. to finally arrive to a very dear and patient friend who put up with all of us in her echo park home for over 2 weeks.  

all the furry children happily crammed in the truck. 

 made it out to the smog cutter to say goodbye to a dear friend before her journey to moving to san francisco. i will miss her dearly

 the main event. i have waited 4 long months for this show. The Black Angels and Black Mountain at The Echo. epic show.  a dream line-up. 

♁ elysian park. dog walking and great views of downtown

♁ thanksgiving in san diego with family. my niece drew these. 

♁ home again.

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