home again

it has been years since i first started blogging. its been a great outlet for me to put all of my findings and photos into one place, and to share my discoveries. i was reminded recently by a mystic lady of my old blogspot, long since put on a shelf and forgotten. it was tucked away like an archive from a life past. once i discovered tumblr and started my own, cosmic dust, i was hooked. it is so immediate, so gratifying. i recently have been missing having a blog that allows me to create more of a story. so here i am again.
i have met amazing people on tumblr, soul mates, kindred spirits. the community and inspiration is incredible. i troll the internet constantly, and have found that some "bloggers", not including tumblr, do not not seem to validate tumblr as a true blogging platform. i see credit given to "various tumblrs" or no credit at all. i know a lot of tumblrs out there, including myself, and it is just as much work to maintain and curate their blogs as it does any other.  so in the spirit of honoring those tumblrs, i would like to share friends i have met along the way and my favorites.  enjoy :)

much love

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